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point they were asked to help get the ride moving again. >> somebody climbed up and told us to rock back and forth. >> today engineers determined the problem was not mechanical. they are planning to run the ride tonight and if it operates normally it could reopen tomorrow. >>> investigators spent the day combing over a party bus that was involved in the death of a passenger this weekend. ktvu's janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we are told party bus of santa cruz parks its buses here on this lot. we tried to get ahold of the owner but when we called a man hung up on us. we found out what we could about the company. >> reporter: we did not see anybody working at this lot. they told us buses have been taken from here. they want to knee how two women fell out the door. >> i wonder how does a door come open on a bus like that? they should be checked for safety issues. >> reporter: the public utilities commission licenses party buss. in 2010 it fined them $4,500 for not having insurance and drivers enrolled in alcohol testing satisfaction programs. the chp is investigating the incident
. 59 wounded. police say the shooter used four guns. an aassault rifle, and two hand guns and with all that the packed movie theater made for easy targets. >> there is one person found but -- hundreds just run around. >> reporter: chaos and panic showing at a midnight showing of the dark knight rises, theater nine at this aurora theater and threw in a smoke canister before allegedly unleashing a spray of gun fire on unsuspecting movie goers. >> you just hear this gun fire. somebody tried to get up and run away. he would just shoot them. he just shot people left and right. >> reporter: sources say that the suspect was 24-year-old james holmes. he evacuated his apartment complex after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosives and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or days. >> reporter: as the investigation into the crime continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today, we will get back on our feet. we will move ahead. >> report
for energy has prompted pg&e to ask certain customers to lower their power use. the utility has declared peak day pricing tomorrow from 2 to 6 p.m. business customers who sign up can save money on their bills. and has more information about how you can save on your bill. just click on the top story under the bay area news tab. >>> cal fire is attacking a growing wildfire in placer county that has now forced people from their homes. it has burned about 100 acres at yankee gyms road and shirttail canyon road near the town of forest hill. cal fire is battling the fire with aircraft. evacuations are in place for a number of homes near the american river. there is a growing wildfire in the mendocino national forest. the heavy smoke from the mill fire is visible all the way to ukiah. crews say as of right now, it is 35% contained. >>> now, an update to a story we first brought you about 20 minutes ago. we just got off the phone with an attorney for suspended san francisco sheriff who claims various clear and credible evidence that mayor ed lee lied under oath. they are talking about ma
's cara liu joins us now where firefighters tell her the tragedy could have easily been prevented. >> reporter: right now this apartment is blocked off. they are looking into reports this couple smokes and seeing if that played a role. we have also just learned from the fire department they do believe carbon monoxide poisoning contributed to their death. firefighters say working smoke detectors would have made a difference but they didn't find any in the apartment where a couple in their 20s lost their lives. >> it's really sad. it's really sad for me. unbelievable. you go to bed and you don't know if you're going to wake up the next day. >> reporter: anita jones lives near by, she says as soon as they found out what happened she called their renter to find out if their smoke detectors were works. >> kind of assume you know what's happening, but it was a wake up call for us. >> reporter: the early morning blaze forced people out their homes. many adults were still in in pajamas. the fire started in the first floor of the apartment while the couple slept upstairs. they believed t
. >> they protect us. but it takes people that need to report suspicious activity and that is what happened here. >> reporter: at this hour investigators are searching for the woman who witnesses say sped away before officers arrived. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> protesters stopped muni service today as they marked one year since kenneth harding shot himself during a confrontation with police. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where a memorial is going on right now at the scene of the shooting. david. >> reporter: 4 dozen people turned out for the rally. a day commemorating the death of kenneth harding. it is held here, the intersection where he died a year ago today after a shoot out with police. that made muni the target of the shut down this morning. protesters earlier indicated another stoppage might be in the works, muni has seen no problems but have shuttle buses standing by. this is video of the shooting one year ago today. kenneth harding was on parole for trying to prostitute a 14- year-old and a person of interest in a double homicide. police say kenneth h
briefed. >> reporter: jean quan walked away from us after a media conference blocks away from the shooting when we tried to ask her questions residents have been asking us. governor jerry brown was at the same conference, he didn't appear to need a briefing. >> reporter: what do you say about the shooting? >> i say the police and the community have to be more individualitant -- vigilant. >> reporter: he had advice for city leaders. >> i would say to the police chief and the others in charge, you got to do better, guys. >> reporter: at that unrelated conference, governor jerry brown said maybe he would finish his term as mayor after jean quan is done and then i watched jean quan look at her watch and i heard her say, would you like to start right now. she appeared to be joking but it has been a tough term for her. reporting live, nowell w, ktvu channel 2 news -- noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a second arrest in the killings of a father and his two sons. wilfredo reyes was picked up in north carolina this morning in connection with the shootings of anthony bologna and his two sons m
to meet to us tell us that the little girl appears to have been shot in the knee but at this point, they don't know what happened. the family says she was rush here to john muir. the contra costa county sheriff's office confirm the girl and the 22-year-old man were both hit by bullets when an unknown man started shooting just outside a home in bay point around 3:00 this afternoon. the little girl did not want to be identified but said she and others are demanding answers. >> i don't know. it's just sad right now. i can't eel tell you. it's sad. >> it's so -- there's so much shooting going on. it's like they don't have no heart. they don't even stop when they see the kids. when is it gonna stop? >> reporter: and i also talked to investigators they tell me the little girl was due to get x-rays and say she is certainly shaken by what has happened. but other we they say she's okay. authorities can't tell us if this girl and others were targets or not. we're still checking with family members and investigators and we'll bring you more tonight at 10:00. back to you. >>> we have new infor
. >>> the witness to an armed robbery told us about they saw. >> i just heard a big bang go off. i was pretty scared. >> reporter: patel was in his store in the new park mall across from zena jewelers when the commotion began. >> one guy was smashing the counter top. the other man had a semiautomatic weapon. they were just going at it. they were just running out the door with a big duffel bag in their hand. >> the robbers wearing dark hoodies covering their faces ran through jcpenney and got into two get away cars. they left behind jewelry cases shattered and the store turned upside down. >> it took a lot of guts for them to come in and do it in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the mall. so that's really crazy. >> police were able to get descriptions of the get away cars thanks to mall security and they are following up on those leads right now. they are also reviewing surveillance video from the crime and police telling me a short time ago this is still a very active investigation. in newrak, cara liu, ktvu news? an unusual find in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood brought out th
't know how dangerous they are. >> reporter: the use is growing. >> we have seen a lot of improvement, a lot of interest. >> reporter: federal aviation administration say they are to be used for safe fun only. >> they need to regulate it. put regulations on it because the -- you can't hide from the technology. people will do it. >> reporter: the faa is working on guidelines to bring drones into american air space by 2015. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> hunting activists gathered to protest a bill that would ban the use of hunting dogs. they demonstrated outside as a committee inside passed the legislation. supporters argue the practice of using dogs to chase animals is inhumane. opponents say it ensures the hunter doesn't kill the wrong type of animal. >>> pushing legislation that would allow a child to have more than two legal parents. >> you are going to divide the child up among 6 people? how many people will get a piece? >> merely authorizing a judge to use his best judgment in times when it is required to protect the best interest of th
will see more fire crews than you're used to as well as extra police. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the highway patrol shut down a freeway today because of a brush fire that started this afternoon in martinez. smoke forced the closure for an hour. there is no word on what started the fire. >>> between home cooking, parties and travel, independence dace usually gives the economy a shot in the harm. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar explains why that may not be the case this year. >> reporter: thousands turned out for the independence day parade, a tradition without an admission fee. >> friends and family and participating in the community. not about spending money. >> reporter: forth of july spending that was $212 last year will be $191 this year. 1-4 americans not participating at all. >> money is tight. nobody has it to spend. hard to stretch the dollar. >> people are holding their money tighter. using it more for necessity. >> we are noticing sales of bbq related items are up, flags are up. decorations for the home are up. but the biggest expense for forth of july are travel, p
they didn't have enough hours. >> this is the tactics the union is using in order to put pressure on hyatt to grow its organization. >> today's protest is part of a global boycott. >> protesters also gathering at the ferry building. they are upset about the police shootings in anaheim that led to protests and rioting. ktvu's john fowler is live in san francisco. >> reporter: not since the vit phenomenon protests -- vit nomprotests of the 1970s. -- vietnam protests of the 1970s. hesies the occupy movement and the anaheim protests are products of the new awakening. >> reporter: peaceful today so far, or violent like 9 months ago. protests are unlike anything since the vit nom-- vietnam war. >> reporter: he points to america's increasing equality. >> why is no one paying any attention. >> reporter: he says the anaheim street protesters were encouraged by occupy questioning. >> asking big questions they spawn other questions. >> reporter: and civil disobedience. >> it makes protests more legitimate. if you see others protestings, yes, it takes on the diverse form -- protesting, yes, it takes o
be to curb the need for fish-killing pumps currently in use near tracy. but opponents say the fish would simply be killed up here instead. of the many arguments to fix the delta, including levy, earthquake concerns and water supplies, is the fate of fish, particularly salmon. >> what their basically talking about is wiping out the salmon. >> reporter: he joined many in protests of the bay delta conservation plan announced today by governor jerry brown. >> yes, there's going to be some opposition, political cynicism, activists, whatever. goes with the territory. >> reporter: brown, joined by interior secretary ken salazar, announced a plan to build two huge tunnels to suck water from the sacramento river, bypassing the delta, and delivering it south to pumping stations near tracy. but powerful opponents argue the plan is flowed. >> a 9,000 facility can suck 50% of the water out of the sacramento river before it even gets to the delta. >> reporter: advocates say abundant fresh water is essential to the delta and the bay, and the plan would put the river at risk. >> there's no guarantee tha
villalon showed us could be joining them. among them are supporters of medical marijuana upset with crack downs. >> reporter: dozens medical marijuana supporters rallied this afternoon. one man said his son has epilepsy, and pills are not working. >> i have been telling him to kiss me, he couldn't even kiss me. now he can give me a kiss. >> reporter: they are upset they have targeted duo of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in recent months. >> please, president obama, i don't want to see my son in an ambulance again. >> reporter: the obama administration has said it would leave pot clubs alone if they fallowed law. but they became a target because they got too big. they said they obeyed all laws, paid taxes taxes and still threatened. >> if the u.s. attorneys are allowed to come after us, no other medical marijuana dispensaries will be safe anywhere in the country. >> reporter: we are back live. it is unclear if president obama will see the protesters but one demonstrator is convinced the president knows they are out there. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> presi
stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can follow us on twitter for updates from inside the ethic's commission hearing. we will keep you posted on what ellana lopez says. >>> officers in oakland tonight, organized crime is their concern. >> reporter: 7:00 a.m. >> let's go. >> reporter: oakland police on patrol and on this day they are not alone. the mexican federales is in town. and oakland police are showing them around. >> i think those guys face things we can't imagine with the whole cartel situation. >> reporter: these two officers say they are on a mission, learning what they can about fighting organized crime. [ speaking foreign language ] >> intelligence gathering of certain wanted criminals and their goal is to come up with an operation to capture criminals. >> reporter: not only are they in town hoping to learn something but opd is hoping to gain knowledge. >> if they have ideas we will take them with us. >> reporter: from domestic violence calls to traffic stops, this ride along and the ones in the coming days will be great to show them how departments can be successful
sasaki is there. he just updated us, still it is only 10% contained. governor brown is sending out additional firefighters to supplement calfire crews already on the front lines. >>> the san jose fire department announced today it has been awarded almost $9 million in federal money to pay for more firefighters but that still won't solve the department's staffing problems. new at 6:00, ktvu's robert handa with the uphill battle there for firefighters. >> today the san jose fire department did get some much needed help. money to hire more fire fighters and it comes at a good time because firefighters are spread thin. we have been reporting on a series of suspicious fires here at this park. and residents want fire fighters to protect them and figure out who's causing the fires. sarah kline does not feel safe at home anymore. many residents say they believe the fires are connecting to several homeless encampments. >> really feels invasive. the people in the very back got it worse. they hear fighting, yelling, they smell smoke a lot as they're cooking out there. >> reporter: san jose ha
with people who came to say goodbye to a beloved lafayette couple. >> you left us way too soon. life will never bet same and we'll miss you for the rest of our live. >> reporter: 59-year-old peter and 57-year- old mono died last week in a plane crash. >> they dated in high school and college and got married shortly after. >> reporter: he was a developer and bank director. she an interior designer. they were parents to three grown children, matt, mike and kathleen. >> my dad had such a great passion and enthusiasm for life. he loved his worth he loved skiing. he loved flying. >> she always wanted us to take the time to spend with me. she really knew how to enjoy the moment. >> reporter: the couple had touched so many lives that not only was the sanctuary full, but so was an adjoining gym. >> they meant a whole lot to a lot of people, businesswise, churchwise, communitywise, they had a lot of integrity and a lot of people loved them a lot and respected them a lot. >> he did not work to become wealthy, but to help others and share the rescues of god. i have come to share that passi
system it is supposed to help slash response times. ktvu's tom vacar takes us live inside the new dispatch center. >> reporter: they are only as good as the 911 system that backs them up. >>> the chp's communication center gets a quarter million 911 calls a year. >> the system we have was brought online in the 1980s. >> reporter: technology has evolved more quickly than the chp's software. come sunday they will move into the twenty-first century. >> that will allow more flexibility with how they do their job and it will do a lot of their job for them so they can concentrate on other things. >> reporter: they will no longer have to waste time taping data. it will simply appear automatically. and the system will pinpoint the location of the caller as well as the nearest response units on a electronic map. >> we will know more about where the caller is at and it will help us help them faster. >> reporter: it will allow the call center to analyze data, where the calls are coming from, where problems crop up, all of it to improve response times. >> the tools it gives the dispatchler m
that predict where accidents are likely to occur in the future. >> reporter: it is bees used to predict property crime. but it has never been tested on traffic accidents. this shows officers where the next crime will happen. the same applies to traffic accidents. >> they will be given high risk areas to position officers corresponding to different days of the week and months of the year. >> reporter: a team of traffic officers will use this new policing model in september. after six months he will look to see if police were successful. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> authorities are investigating two shootings that injured several people in richmond today. the first shots were fired around 9:30 a.m. this morning. at least three people were hurt. they say a fourth person was injured in a second shooting 30 minutes later. they believe both shootings were connected and gang related. the san jose principal charged with failing to report sexual abuse is out on jail tonight. we broke the story this week. the principal face as misdemeanor charge for fa
rental cars linked to the suspects were used in the crime and the men waited for calvin sneed to arrive at the crime scene. they claim lupe mercado said to him what would you do if it were your daughter. >> i think that when it is all said and done people will understand that my client is a mother who was concerned about the safety and the danger her daughter was in but she did not commit murder. >> reporter: the parents of the teen and the two men arraigned today pleaded not guilty to all charges. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we now know more about the man who was arrested after a car crash and a police shoot out that left the bay bridge in gridlock. happened early this morning and involved a man who is 29 years old. from what we understand, he has been in trouble before and on patrol for human trafficking. according to the chp, he was speeding on the lower deck of the bridge this morning when he crashed into a guard rail. he exchanged gunfire with officers and then tossed his gun into the bay. the investigation left many stuck for hours. >> i have no choic
hill. the side of that sign. news chopper 2 was live overhead for us. the south san francisco fire department said that it's about two acres and again crews say fireworks are responsible for that fire. in san jose firefighters made quick work of the small grass fire near kelley historical park. it start add round 2:00 and center road. a spokeswoman said it burned two and a half to three acres in the open field. the fire didn't reach any of the nearby homes. >>> state senate late today voted in favor of funding the first part of the controversial high speed rail project in california. the key vote sealing its fate and moves it forward from the planning stages. we are live with details on how the vote affects the bay area. >> reporter: that train will likely come true. now with the california governor almost sure to sign it, the fact is that california has made a huge decision just as the bay area did when it approved what was a controversial department called bart long ago. work is moving full speed ahead on the terminal project. the most ambitionous in decades. the. >> the termina
lane. traffic officials say that should help the conguested area. >> help give us the ability we need so that they will be able to clear the traffic light in one cycle rather than going two or three. . >> reporter: the project includes new sound wall, efficient lying pedestrian improvement. >> a new teen fad is drawing crowds to the internet. why doctors are telling parents to take a look. >> and it's a south bay mansion that was the most expensive home sold in the united states. tonight the new numbers that show its value has taken a real nose dive. >> and enjoyable weather across the bay for most of today with another to follow for the 4th of july. a look at the numbers coming up. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh. . >>> new its a dangerous trend involving two things you can probably tipped right now in your kitchen. patty lee is live in sa
, no insurance. >> reporter: protesters say the $155 million to build the jail and the $40 million used to run it annually should be used instead to help improve the lives of young people. >> we are comight the resources that we need to educate our children to the confinement of their parents. >> reporter: the jail has been in the works for seven years and the county board of supervisors approved it because of serious jail overcrowding. board president says the county is always looking for ways to reduce the jail population. >> we want to put in programs, greater programs than we can do now because of overcrowding and the lack of space and see if we can do the wrap-around services to help people rehabilitate and be able to get out on their own and do well in the community. >> reporter: this fabrication shop has to vacate the premises in just days. while the operators made a deal to set building to the county, they are not happy either. >> we got to shut down for five working days just to move, you know, and yes, the city compensates to what they think it's worth, but i mean, it's a huge inconv
wiring on poles. it was a similar tactic used last week in palo alto that disabled a public park. police don't expect the problem to go away. they point out a thief was arrested but told officers he planned to do it again. >> he was able to get more money for the copper that he was taking the metal he was taking that he would in a simple store robbery or mom and pop store. >> reporter: the worker who take precaution plan to do more. >> we probably have to be more concerned with working late hours and being alone with that much material with us. it's surprising that things have come to this, copper so valuable that people are killing to go to such extremes to get it. >> reporter: sunnyvale said its increased patrols and is asking the public to call if they see what appears to be work crews late at night. robert honda. >> copper theft hassin creased in the bay area as the price of copper has gone up. the market price for a pound of copper is now $3.46. just to show you a pound of recycled cans will get you 40- cents and you would have to 32 to make up that one pound. >> free street par
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